Meet Our Team

Welcome to Hear Now, LLC! We have locations in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas, to help you with your hearing. No matter what you need or how you live, we’re dedicated to giving you the best solutions. We help people of all ages, even kids as young as 12. From middle school onwards, we’re here to check, treat, and keep your whole family’s hearing healthy.

Our team of experts knows a lot about hearing and how it works. We can fix and take care of almost any hearing aid you have, no matter where you got it. We also take most kinds of insurance and will research what benefits you can get. If you’re worried about the cost, we have payment plans with CareCredit- many with no interest. We’ll work together with you to find a hearing aid that suits your life and your budget.

Frank Miller, OD, HIS Headshot
Frank Miller, OD, HIS
Frank is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and has been helping patients with their hearing health for over 20 years. For 17 of those years, he has been involved with the hearing industry and has extensive knowledge of hearing aid technology. Frank received his doctorate in optometry before becoming a hearing specialist.
Jerry Piña, HIS
Jerry is the newest addition to the Hear Now team. Jerry has been in the hearing industry for 5 years and is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. He brings a wealth of experience to help us better serve our patients.
Jerry Pina, HIS- headshot
Jeff Bell, HIS

Jeff has been in the healthcare field for 7 years and is a licensed hearing aid specialist. Jeff has been with our team since February of 2019.