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Hearing loss is a condition that affects individuals of all ages and dispelling the notion that it only impacts older generations is crucial. Regardless of your age, maintaining good hearing health is vital for your overall well-being. Our ability to hear connects us with the world and enables meaningful communication with our loved ones. Don’t allow hearing loss to hinder your engagement in activities that bring you joy and prevent you from connecting with the people who are important to you.

If you or someone you care about has been postponing a hearing check-up, take the first step towards addressing this important matter by scheduling a complimentary hearing evaluation today. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and solutions you need to optimize your hearing health.

We have been helping patients of all ages hear better for over 20 years.

At Hear Now, we prioritize your hearing needs with the assistance of our experienced and licensed hearing instrument specialists. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service, backed by extensive medical experience, to ensure the health and wellness of all our patients’ hearing requirements. Our ultimate objective is to enhance your hearing experience, making it more comfortable and enjoyable, so you can fully appreciate the simple pleasures life has to offer.

What should you expect at your first appointment?

At your initial appointment, you can expect a comprehensive and personalized experience. Upon arrival, we will provide you with necessary paperwork that includes your personal information, health insurance details, and a hearing questionnaire. While you complete the paperwork, we will review your insurance coverage and ascertain any hearing benefits you may have.

Once your paperwork is completed and your insurance is verified, we will escort you to the examination area to commence your hearing assessment. Prior to the assessment, we will review the information you provided and engage in a dialogue about your hearing health. This conversation allows us to understand your specific needs and objectives for the appointment.


  • To begin the examination, we will utilize a video otoscope to inspect the condition of your ear canal and eardrum. This visual demonstration will provide you with a clear understanding of the examination process.


  • Before conducting the hearing test, we will take the time to explain the procedure to ensure you are fully informed and know what to anticipate. The hearing test consists of assessing your ability to perceive different tones and frequencies, as well as a speech recognition test to evaluate your understanding of words within a comfortable listening environment.


  • Upon completion of the hearing test, we will discuss the results of your audiogram with you and address your hearing objectives. Additionally, we will provide guidance on the hearing benefits covered by your insurance and assist you in finding an affordable solution that suits your needs.


  • If it is determined that hearing aids would be beneficial for you, we will make appropriate recommendations. You will also have the opportunity to try on demo hearing aids available in our office.


We strive to make your first appointment thorough, informative, and tailored to meet your unique hearing requirements.

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